Life is a little crazy!

Today is Transfer day! I am completely crazy. I'm trying to stay calm and breathe and stay calm. Stay. Calm.  I mean, it's just an embryo, that turns into a baby and your whole world changes. No big deal. hahahaha (That's my crazy laugh... )     We are literally walking out the door. I … Continue reading Life is a little crazy!


2 am.

Sometimes.... I just want to give up.  I'm just so exhausted and feel completely alone in this whole thing. 

HSG test

Yesterday (8/8/16) Aaron and I woke up SUPER early and headed to Syracuse for my HSG test. A hysterosalpingogram or HSG is an x-ray procedure used to see whether the fallopian tubes are patent (open) and if the inside of the uterus (uterine cavity) is normal. HSG is an outpatient procedure that usually takes less … Continue reading HSG test