Pure Joy. 

There are so many things from the past month that I never want to forget. This video is one of them. My husband’s reaction (and my sobbing) when I told him the transfer had worked and that I was pregnant. It was one of the best moments of my existence. It was like an ah-ha moment of “this is why I am here.” This is what life is all about. Pure Joy. Happiness I had never seen in my husband. The days and weeks that followed were just as happy. Talks about what our life would be like from now on. Jokes about how he would have to go on midnight runs for ice cream or iced tea in the summer. Talks about how scary this all was. Already worried about affording things and how we would get by. Talks about how we would raise this baby to be a good, respective, kind person. We even bought a few little things…
So many talks, dreams, hopes, wishes and fears. Gone. In a matter of minutes. I saw thevpure joy turn into absolute devastation. Tears flowing from my husbands eyes as the doctor said what I already knew.
Miscarriage. Our world would never be the same again.

I’m still trusting in God, but right now it’s tough.



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