This transfer was definitely different this time around.

For starters, I didn’t do acupuncture this time. I really wasn’t a fan the first time, so I opted out.

So we both changed and went into the room for transfer. It was a different doctor this time and he had a hard time with uh… Getting things in place and being able to get a clear picture. It seriously took about 15-20 minutes. Awkward. But he did it and with a flash, there it was.

That little white spot is our 5 day embryo.
In the days since transfer I’ve been pretty uncomfortable with cramps and just general discomfort. I’ve been tired and have had a headache. I’m pretty sure that’s from the progesterone in oil shots. Speaking of those, they  had to up my dose from 1ml to 1 1/2ml, among some other adjustments with other medications.
Like I said, this whole cycle has been different. I’m just praying the outcome will be different too.



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